FLASHBACK – Summer 2014Meeting Wiz Khalifa

Season 2014 continues with unique events marked by few strokes of fusia, red and golden umber… Those are predominant colors in my palette that captured many portraits over the years, amongst them – the portrait of Wiz Khalifa.

I was introduced to the project, courtesy of Eden Plage, during the hot summer day whilst lounging out at the beach and that seemed the right time to explore the subject – rap artist Wiz Khalifa. I listened to his songs, watched the videos and read many articles but nothing has prepared me for such wonderful discovery…. Few strokes of vivid red translated into portrait that my mind has captured and the day came to meet The Artist – Wizzzzzz….

Surrounded with bodyguards and hundred of fans, he overwhelmed me with politeness and calm whilst we were being introduced. We spoke about Snoop and Tupac, he signed my painting and hugged me again!

Two words to describe him, even three – perfume, perfume, perfume!!! Wiz smelt fantastic!!!! He continued to smile, went off to sing and rave….

I kept the painting signed by him and went in the other direction to plan yet another exhibition….. London, Paris, New York – We got Wiz signed by Wiz !!!!