Meet the Artist Una St Tropez

Meet the Artist Una St Tropez


St Tropez, the iconic village in the South of France is a home to the internationally acclaimed artist Una St Tropez. Last season she launched her very first fashion Signature Collection and named it “M Collection Saint Tropez “.

Signing as Una St Tropez, the artist declared her artistic debut in the village of her dreams. In the late ’90 Una discovered St Tropez and decided to dedicate her life to art.

Having spent 7 years in her gallery in St Tropez, Una decided to face the world herself. London, Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Portofino, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Moscow welcomed the collections that depicted the artist’s impression of the cities. From Royals to commoners, new people and different countries inspire new colors and techniques.

Every painting is dedicated to Richard, her guide and true friend in life. Una remains loyal to St Tropez where she creates most of her collections. Una St Tropez adopts the unique approach in combining ancient with modern, applying beeswax to minimalist and contemporary perception of the portrait. Expression remains intense and charged, just like the artist’s approach to her subject. Following trip to St Petersburg Una St Tropez decides to do a tribute to Rudolf Nureyev and mark the 20th anniversary of his death.

“Dialogue with Nureyev” records the intense rendez-vous between the artist and the dancer in the world where Art is eternal. The transformed union becomes passionate, strict and monumental where secrets are shared with ease. The world emerges animated by discussions about love, friendship, icons, and influences. Picasso, Dostoyevski, Michelangelo, and Che among others join the vivid discussion and we remain, as ever, immersed in the world of Rudolf Nureyev. Guided into the sphere of sacred and eternal, best depicted by her art, Una St Tropez delivers the details of “Dialog with Nureyev” thriving on the eternity of a true Artist.

CONTROVERSIAL Interview Una St Tropez

Q: Let’s start by your name, it is not Una?

A: No, my real name is not Una. My artist name is Una St Tropez but the real name holds the meaning ”The Peace of God”, diminutive of which is Mia. My family and friends call me Mia’

Q: You have been in the art world for the past 15 years yet you do not call yourself an artist.

A: I am an observer and communicator with canvas which resulted in paintings. I never belonged to the art world, it was my own world that I always addressed and reflected. I held the exhibitions in the cities that I fell in love with, not at the art fairs. This world of mine is very intimate, too intimate to join the art world.

Q: You are known by painting the eyes that cause quite a stir, yet you wore sunglasses for many years. Has anyone seen your eyes?

A: I cannot even remember when the sunglasses affair started but it would be likely at the beginning of my painting career. I am used to painting in obscurity in order to see the contrasts better. Add to that the sunny days in St Tropez and I ended up with dark glasses on my head at all times. Curiously enough I took the glasses off this year which was a very spontaneous decision. To conclude with answering to your question, my eyes are ”on display” at THE Gallery St Tropez throughout the season.

Q: You are very spiritual yet you do not belong to any religion.

A: What I strive for is called faith. That is a lifelong path but it holds no division, no separation. It is based on universal love and not on differences between people.

Q: What is not controversial in your life?

A: My love for Richard to whom every painting is dedicated.

Q: You are known as the “Una St Tropez” and the Art Gallery Director (M ARTS CLUB). What has Inspired the launch of your first Signature Collection?

A: I worked in fashion long before I developed my artistic career. It was only a question of time in merging those two passions into one creative project . hence the M COLLECTION SAINT TROPEZ was born. I wanted to create a signature collection that would mirror the image of my Art Collections, which is the ultimate beauty and elegance. The decision to start the bag and accessories series was very logical conclusion for me as a woman, although quite innovative and unusual for the Art Gallery. Every bag is conceived as the art canvas with elaborate and jewelled logo presented as the Center Piece wrapped with the best fabrics in the world.

Q: What are the unique features of your Signature Collection?

A: Every bag is handmade in St Tropez and the logo is stitched exclusively by the Artist. by myself. Every bag is absolutely unique. Collection 2022 is using only HAUTE COU’I’URE fabrics that are sourced from the most celebrated fashion houses reputed for their excellence. ‘Sustainability’ is. without question, the biggest buzzword in fashion at the moment. reducing fashion industry waste and therefore the number of chemicals, water and greenhouse gasses produced when manufacturing fabrics. That is why we have opted for up-cycling designer fabrics such as Balenciaga. LVMH. Louis Vuitton. Balmain. Keneo and many others.
We can support the environment by adding value to things that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Q: Do you now have a preference between being an artist or designer?

A: Funny as it may sound, I am not defined as either. In both worlds I am just an excellent observer. As an artist I observe people and their expressions as I specialise in portraits. As a designer I imagine who could wear my designs having observed the world around me. The beauty, strength and elegance play crucial role in both of my worlds and are depicted in every creation.

I cannot divide the Artist and the Designer in terms of my preference; one cannot go anymore without the other.

Q: With your “M” brand you have managed to unite chic and ethical

A: I am particularly proud of our role of being Sustainable Brand in the current climate where our Planet needs every bit of help we can give. We upcycle the fabrics from the world’s most prestigious brands turning them into timeless and elegant designs. We love to see “the beautiful” becoming “the essential”!

Q: Why did you name your collection “M”?

A: My real name is Mia and my art gallery is called “M Arts Club”, hence the name of the Collection starts also with an “M”! I absolutely adore that letter..

Q: What has changed within you as an artist to have inspired the fashion collection?

A: Long before I got hold of my paints and brushes I was in the Fashion world. I modelled; designed…I just knew the time will come to unite Art & Fashion as it normally results in phenomenal creativity. Also, living in St Tropez made it so easy to be inspired in both of these worlds.


Q: What has changed within you as an artist to have inspired the fashion collection?

A: Long before I got hold of my paints and brushes I was in the Fashion world. I modelled; designed…I just knew the time will come to unite Art & Fashion as it normally results in phenomenal creativity. Also, living in St Tropez made it so easy to be inspired in both of these worlds.


Q: We are told that you will mask your models behind dark glasses as a little hint to your style?

A: That would be such a perfect ode to me and my dark glasses, n’est-ce pas?

I have just launched my first NFT and it is absolutely phenomenal. We have made a portrait of Snoop Dogg sing a very lovely song. I am sure it will make many people smile! It’s a MUST SEE project if not MUST OWN!


Q: Who is your ultimate inspiration?

A: Richard who is my mentor and my family to whom I dedicate every good thing in my life.


Thank you so much for the interview, Mia! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

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