Saint Tropez

Designed by the international artist Mia Lucas, aka UNA ST TROPEZ, the “M” Collection has been created exclusively for the art gallery M ARTS CLUB, placed in the very heart of the mythical village of Saint Tropez. The Collection has been conceived both as an ode to the opulence of the village and a tribute to the art on the whole.


Being sustainable brand, the “M” concept looks to encourage the importance of merging “beauty and necessity “. Fabrics have been sourced from the world most famous Maisons de la Haute Couture and upcycled into the new equally beautiful and exclusive designs, preserving the planet therefore!
Photo Credit: Sam Nash
Photo Credit: Sam Nash


Mia Lu, aka Una St Tropez is the international artist and the art gallery owner based in Saint Tropez, South of France. Educated in London and specialised in finance, following her MBA, Mia left the corporate world behind seeking more artistic approach to life. Her love for languages brought her to France where she discovered her passion for visual arts, specifically the an of portrait. She opened her first gallery in the early 2000 in the village of Saint Tropez where she earned the loyalty of worldwide collectors and where she resides to this date.

In the season 2021 Mia launched her fashion Signature Collection under the title M COLLECTION Saint Tropez, specializing in accessories.



M COLLECTION Saint Tropez is both the ode to the Saint and the extravagance of the village of Saint Tropez. Strong, passionate and unquestionably chic the brand focuses on what “it means” as much as what “it looks like”, highlighting the meaningful brilliance of beautiful and extravagant. Offering mostly handbags and rare edition of hats and belts, the brand responsibly sources the materials previously used by the most famous couture houses, translating the excellence into the timeless design. Every bag is unique and handmade in Saint Tropez. Art remains at the core of the “M world’ and some bags will have the portraits inserted either in the lining or as the outside fabric. The “M bag” is preparing for its first London based collection crafted by local artisans and focusing on more avant-garde techniques in fabrication.

There is no compromise when it comes to sustainability, and pushing boundaries is always at the forefront of the brand’s mission.

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